About RedLITE

From the founding of RedLITE in 1996, our goal has always been to help our clients maintain and reclaim their youth through bespoke programs tailored to meet each individual’s needs. In this time we have helped over 10,000 clients meet their beauty goals through our progressive range of treatments.

We share your beauty goals


At RedLITE we understand your uniqueness and have the expertise to help you fulfil your aspirations. Whether you are seeking to cleanse and regenerate your body or to enhance your skin’s texture and radiance, our team will guide you through our range of programs to find your perfect fit.

Our team is always happy to discuss the best route for you. Taking your first step could not be easier.

RedLite has built its reputation on providing a professional, personalised experience for every client., every time. We understand the importance of what we do and the impact it makes. That is why we love our jobs and our customers return.


I can honestly say I have never had such fantastic service. The staff at RedLITE are professional and caring I highly reccommend them.
by Jane Seymour

For weeks I looked for somewhere that could help me with my skin. I found RedLITE and they immediately tailored a program to suit me. I can’t thank you guys enough :)by Jenny Hastings