Our History

RedLITE was founded by Joanne Baum in 1996. As Company Director, Joanne continues to spear-head the team, ensuring a reputation for state-of-the-art equipment, quality products and unparalleled expertise. Our first laser hair removal systems were installed in 2002, since when we have a developed wide experience in a range of integrated light-based hair removal treatments.  Our current laser treatments  consist of ND:YAG, IPL & Ruby allowing us to select programs which suit individual requirements.

In 2005 RedLITE established its online presence in the field of beauty treatments. The move reflected the company’s success and our desire to help more clients meet their beauty goals.

Our team still holds the excitement and energy that was evident at the company’s founding in 1996 and our interest in anti-aging and laser treatments remains steadfast. As it has been since its inauguration, RedLITE’s focus is on you and your beauty goals. You could become part of RedLITE’s success story. Call us now to arrange a free consultation.