What makes us unique

The core principle at RedLITE is that you will always receive the uppermost levels of safety and satisfaction. We take pride in working with you to design a program which fits your needs and lifestyle.

You are our Central Focus

  • We would never perform a treatment that was not right for you. (add regulation info)
  • Other companies may lower the strength of the laser in order to force you to have more treatments.
  • When your treatment ends we will still be there.

Our Equipment

  • Our range of lasers (ND: YAG, Ruby & IPL) and our expertise offers us scope to combine the specialties of each system for treating your hair types.
  • All of our equipment is sourced from within the United Kingdom therefore assuring highest levels of safety, standards and testing.

Our Team

  •  The core values of RedLITE are centered on our family team of caring, highly qualified specialists who will advise and support your desire for change.
  • We combine high standards of clinical excellence with friendly assurance in relaxing surroundings.
  • If you have any questions, Joanne will always be available to take your call and to guide you through your treatment.