Botox & Fillers


Treatment Outline

Botox is a brand name of Botulinum Toxin A used to freeze muscle movement around the eyes, this in turn eases the lines & wrinkles. Fillers are used to create a structure under the skin or lips that will in turn plump the area. This is used in the lips, nasal labial & glabella.


Anyone over the age of 18 is able to have injectables such as Botox & fillers. In your 20’s & 30’s Botox can be used to prevent wrinkles occurring. For 40+ a combination of injectables may be used to create a natural wrinkle-free complexion.

Expected Results

Botox generally takes around 6-10 days to start working & can last for upto 3 months. Fillers offer an instant effect however they can take a week to settle completely.

Price List

1 Area

2 Areas

3 Areas

Botox £99 £190 £275

0.5mm Syringe

1.0mm Syringe

Dermal Fillers £200 £255