Eyelash Extensions


Treatment Outline

We offer both individual and cluster lash extensions. Individual lashes can be tailored to the length and thickness of your lashes. The treatment takes approx 1 hour and we recommend infills every couple weeks.

For the instant WOW factor the cluster lashes give a quick fabulous result. Cluster lashes are small sprigs of 10 lashes grouped together, therefore this process is much quicker to apply.


Individual are great for those with sparse or damaged lashes can benefit by having a very natural result. They are less damaging than party strip lashes too.

Ideally treat natural lashes daily with RedLITE Eyelash Enhancer.

Expected Results

Individual lashes give a comfortable long lasting result with weightless lashes that do not have any visible glue & look very natural.

Cluster lashes give you that instant wow look. Great for going out, quick to apply in just 10 minutes & less costly.