Enzyme Facials

Treatment Outline

Enzymes are among the most versatile and effective treatments provided by skin care professionals. They are considered a milder form of exfoliation, due to the fact that enzymes break down specific skin structures of the desmosome. chemical peels, by contrast, denature epidermal proteins in a somewhat indiscriminate manner.

Enzymes are proteins that cause a specific chemical change in other substances. Many different types of enzymes function throughout the body, and they are considered catalysts—they make things happen. In skincare, enzymes function mainly to digest, or break, the peptide bonds of proteins. to the esthetician, this means that cellular debris “stuck” to the surface of the skin is gently released, resulting in a fresher, more clarified and brighter appearance.

The type of enzyme used on the skin is critical to the outcome. Circadia’s Enzyme treatments come in Cocoa, Raspberry and Zymase Citrus, and contain a combination of bromelain from pineapple, papain from papaya, and trypsin, a serine protease. For freshness and efficacy, powder and activator are individually mixed for each treatment.


  • Sensitive, acneic or aging skin
  • Aged, wrinkled or photodamaged skin
  • Severely environmentally damaged skin

  • Who should not have Enzymes?
  • Using Accutane or medication causing skin sensitivity
  • Allergic to pineapple, papaya, cocoa, raspberry and/or citrus fruits
  • Sunburned skin
  • Expected Results

    Cocoa Enzyme

    This is a magnificently aromatic treatment. It is effective for all skin types but most beneficial for those suffering with acne or rosacea. It works beautifully as a stand-alone treatment or can be used for pre-extraction and in combination with the Oxygen RX treatment.

    Raspberry Enzyme

    This enzyme blend is enhanced with raspberry seed extract, shown to effectively reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, ageing, and wrinkled skin type. The raspberry enzyme is often incorporated into a monthly protocol for clients receiving regular SWiCH treatments.

    Zymase Enzyme

    This treatment is great for exfoliating thicker, highly environmentally damaged skin. The fragrant citrus blend offers clients the benefit of Vitamin C as well as an effective peel alternative.