Ruby Laser

Treatment Outline

The Ruby laser treatment breaks down the ink in a tattoo to remove the pigment & eventually completely disguise the tattoo. This process can used to lighten a tattoo for a new one or just simply for full removal.


Due to the nature of the laser and how it picks up the pigment in the skin, the Ruby laser is not suitable for darker skin tones. The darkest skin tones we can treat would be med-dark olive skin tone.

Expected Results

Although we cannot guarantee the complete removal of a tattoo due to some inks used. We do in most cases get a very good result where 95-99% of the pigment is removed. Newer, blacker tattoos are the simplest to remove, lighter and older tattoos can take longer to get rid.

Tattoo Removal
All session prices are based on 1 square inch of ink. The number of sessions needed is dependent on the age of the tattoo and type of ink used. Most tattoos are removed within 8 – 16 sessions.
Single Session £35.00
5 sessions bought up front £150.00
10 sessions bought up front £250.00