Stretch Mark & Scar Treatment

Stretch marks can be very distressing and usually occur during pregnancy, puberty and during times of significant weight gain or loss. They initially appear as red or purple and quite angry. In time they will fade to white or silver. Rapid stretching of the skin results in damage to the supportive framework under the stretch mark/ The collagen and elastin becomes thinner and broken. Over time these blood vessels contract and the purplish colour fades to white.

This fact is the core of our treatment, we use needling and stamping to cause distress and create the injury, we want the stretch mark to reheal by stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin.

We have seen significant reductions over a period of time and would recumbent once a month for 3-6 sessions.

Price List

One Session

Two Sessions

Three Sessions

15 Minute Treatment £150 £280 £380

Treatment Outline

Firstly at consulation we decide on the area that we wish to treat and mark it out, we then apply numbing gel for around 20 mins. We then treat the area for about 15 mins.


Those who have experienced rapid weigh loss or gain for example during pregnancy or puberty. The stretch marks must be healed completely and not weeping.

Expected Results

We would expect a significant reduction in the redness and raised appearance of the stretch mark. We stimulate new collagen and elastin to heal from within.