Ultrasonic Cavitation


Treatment Outline

We use the very latest ultra sound technology to break down fat. Clients are asked to lay down and the preferred area of treatment prepared. We normally isolate tummy or thighs as the problem areas and concentrate specifically on that to maximise results. We use ultra sound gel to enable deep fatty deposit breakdown. Clients are required to use the vibrogym for 20 minutes post treatment to eliminate broken down fat.


The ideal candidates are those with specific fat deposits that do not respond well to typical gym sessions or diet. Ideally fat needs to be wobbly not solid. The treatments works very well on tummy and thigh areas. The use of the ultra sound makes the fat more responsive and makes it the first port of call for diet and exercise.

Expected Results

We would normally expect inch loss rather than weight loss, we are however able to offer weight loss advice, products and treatments. Clients after 6 weeks normally do lose weight anyway but express they “feel” slimmer and “tighter” than previous equal weight loss regimes. Moreover specific problem areas are significantly reduced.

Treatment Price

20 minute session – £37.50
Package of 3 sessions – £92.50

Discounts available on request for multiple areas treated at the same time and for multiple courses.